Equine Assisted Psychotherapy or EAP is an experiential therapy in which a client works closely with a horse in order to develop emotional self awareness and to heal emotional wounds.  Most EAP work is done from the ground and there is no need to have any prior horse experience.  In partnering with horses, clients work on trust building, boundaries, problem-solving skills, congruent communication, and rebuilding relationships. EAP can assist individuals, couples, or family groups and is an appropriate method for addressing depression, anxiety, bipolar, grief/loss, PTSD, addictions, and trauma.  Additionally, EAP can be a dynamic way to explore one’s self as life changes.

                                                                                   As herd-centered creatures, horses offer a perfect opportunity to explore and develop healthy relational interactions. Herd behavior illustrates the value of cooperative community.  Through the metaphors that arise from interaction with horses a client learns what is needed for change.

Horses become mirrors to ourselves, reflecting and reacting to our known and unknown intentions and emotional states.  In the presence of these gentle creatures, one is guided to be emotionally honest and congruent.
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is scheduled as 75 minute sessions, consisting of 45 minutes of horse interaction followed by 15 to 30 minutes of  processing time with your therapist. All EAP sessions are held at Casa Caballo, 990 E Remington Dr, Chandler, AZ 85286.

*If you will be participating in any Equine Assisted session, please fill out this release/waiver in addition to the packet of intake documents.