I invite you to begin; to reach for the courage to grow; to learn yourself and love yourself and find your way to lovingly, gently speaking your truth within the relationships you choose.  I wish, for you, your best life and I would be honored to assist you in reaching this place.

I have been working in the Valley as a psychotherapist for 30 years. My primary focus has been on helping adults look back to the origins of their patterns; searching childhood experience for the events and experiences which shaped their mal-adaptive ways of coping in the world.  It is often within this ‘looking back’ that old wounds are healed and new ways of feeling and reacting can be nurtured.  I can gently guide individuals through depressions, anxiety, grief or other painful adjustments to life’s difficult transitions. Additionally, I have enjoyed working with both individuals and couples wishing to develop better communication skills, a deeper sense of intimacy, and a warmer, safer sense of being known within relationship.   


Christina DeVita received her BA from Alma College, Alma, MI in 1983.  After moving to the Phoenix area in 1987, she began working in the field first as a rape crisis hotline volunteer. She then earned certification in hypnotherapy. Ms. DeVita entered private practice in 1990 where she and her husband and partner began offering both group and individual therapy. 

After losing her husband in 1992, Christina continued in her counseling practice while studying to earn her Master’s. She earned a Master’s degree and an Advanced Certificate in Professional Counseling from Ottawa University, Phoenix, AZ in 1995. 

Her private practice has flourished in the Scottsdale area in the years since. In 2013, Christina received certification through OK Corral to offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and now offers EAP as an additional modality for personal growth. She continues to offer psychotherapy services to adults and couples in both her office and ranch locations today.